About me

I'm a human without any prejudices, just like you. After finishing university I became a teacher and taught in schools for 7 years. Currently, I'm not teaching because I'm studying for a M.A. in educational administration and hope to get a PhD within 4 years. 
Studying requires money, so I work during the day. In the afternoon I have classes and at night I study. I found that having a family consisting of a kind wife and a little boy makes it harder for me to concentrate on my studies.
I love teaching kids to be polite, civilized and literate. I love the pretty and lovely Lebanese kids.
Now I'm translating and doing office work at Imam Musa Al-Sadr cultural organization, a NGO for search and cultural studies.
I sometimes do graphic designs, especially with religious themes.
Since I have worked with the first version of Microsoft Windows, I'm familiar and experienced with all Windows versions and computer applications. I am also familiar with installing, and working with, Linux and Apple operating systems.
I was born in Iran and earned a B.A. in Educational Administration after which I completed the mandatory conscription. I then traveled to Lebanon, got married and started my advanced studies.

Beirut is a beautiful city but it's expensive to live in. I wish peace and happiness for Lebanon and all around the world and I try to contribute to this goal by teaching my students peace and love.


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